About us

We are a group of designers and researchers from the MS HCDE program at the University of Washington



Devanshi Chauhan first came across User Centered Design in her senior year of undergrad in Computer Science. Vox had done a video about Norman Doors, something of a personal pet peeve of hers. She has since worked towards leveraging data analytics with UX and vice versa. She puts the E in HCDE and would’ve been a carpenter in another life.

“I love her creative energy, inner strength, and optimistic attitude.” 
- Jen



Jen Chiu studied psychology and conducted language/cognition research during college. She wanted to help people so she worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist, providing therapy and evaluation for individuals with disabilities as well as working with assistive technology to support them. She specializes in inclusive design, design research, complex systems, working with a multidisciplinary team, and organization/planning.

“She’s reliable, intelligent, pure of heart, and keeps everybody around her grounded.” 
- Christina


Spencer Wilkerson spent several years as an educator, in Seattle and overseas, before accidentally landing in the world of UX. He found a calling in product design & management, and really wishes someone had told him about it when he was in undergrad. He’s passionate about integrating UX thinking into every environment he comes across. Before joining HCDE, he spent a year and a half parenting a very frisky AI chatbot for Microsoft.

“He is a natural leader who is not afraid to challenge himself and others around him while respecting their strengths.” 
- Devanshi




Christina Zheng learned three facts about herself during her time in college conquering a degree in architectural design: 
1. She is drawn to all things both beautiful and practical. 
2. She is fascinated by human ecology and its application beyond physical spaces. 
3. She thrives on challenging design problems. It became a natural choice for her to go into HCDE and the field of UX.

“I was blown away by her design skills and absurd sense of humor.”

- Spencer

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