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Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word embodying reverence for

non-violence and compassion. 

Our company was founded as an antidote to the feelings of loneliness and isolation we felt were an unfortunate part of urban life. To us, nothing is more important than community. Only together can we save our planet and our species. Our residences employ the latest and greatest technology to make the idea of ahimsa a reality.

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Guided by our core values of compassion and empathy, we seek to create a new type of space for people to live in: one in which technology and community blend together seamlessly.


Our state-of-the-art buildings, equipped with Cirrus AI, are designed to augment our residents’ capacity for harmony and understanding of each other.

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You’ll never lose your keys again. We use facial recognition technology for secure and keyless access throughout the building. All guests will be verified by residents before being allowed entry to keep you as safe as possible. 

Community Lounges

Our smart lounges, located on every floor, are the perfect spot to hang out and host community events. Our AI can even generate different activities that helps everyone to get to know each other better.

Shared Meals

Our system always knows what’s in your pantry. It will suggest meal ideas and recipes that combine ingredients from different apartments, encouraging you to share meals with others. A great way to make new friends.

Intelligent Workspaces

We have several workspaces located around the building for you to get your work done privately and without being disturbed. Work from home? Let Ahimsa be your office, too.

Private Bedroom

Every resident has a private bedroom with a nightstand, smart lamp, and a comfortable bed. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and our systems protect your social energy with our unique Do Not Disturb system.

Personal Item Protection

Don’t worry about your food being eaten or towel being used by someone else ever again. We track all your personal belongings to help you find them and keep them safe.

Resource Sharing

We will support you in making sure you’re only paying for what you’re using. Ahimsa’s AI monitors everyone’s utility usage to determine how much to charge each resident.

Chore Accountability

Our AI system assigns chores to residents weekly and measures their progress and quality of work. It knows who made every mess and provides reminders to clean them up. At Ahimsa, you’ll never argue about chores again.

“Everything about our buildings has been meticulously researched and engineered to bring people closer together.”

Adam Rutledge-Pyke


With AtHome,

No good deed goes unrewarded.


House Points

Here at Ahimsa, our AI detects all the little things you do every day to make your shared home a better place. We measure three key metrics, tracked on your AtHome device: cleanliness, sustainability, and harmony. Improving each of these will earn you House Points (HP). HP is how we help you be the best resident you can be.

We often get asked, what does “harmony” mean and how do we measure it? There are lots of ways! Brought a package inside for a neighbor? Spent time with a fellow resident? Hung out at our amazing rooftop bar? Had a roommate game night? All of these boost harmony and can earn HP!

The Games

At Ahimsa, it pays to be a good roommate. Your HP can earn you prizes,

even free rent.

In addition to all the little things you do every day to earn HP, there are tons of group activities and contests to earn more. Weekly and monthly, we will host pickup sports, trivia nights, scavenger hunts, and other fun events to help you get points and meet your neighbors. 

Sometimes you’ll team up with just your roommates, sometimes with your whole floor, and sometimes it’s random. Come have fun and join The Games.



Harmony is the central value we strive for at Ahimsa. Creating a strong community comes from recognition and support.

We measure Harmony in a lot of ways. Any social gathering with roommates or building-mates can boost Harmony, but so can kind words and thoughtful deeds.

In the unlikely event of a dispute between residents, our systems are trained on Non-Violent Communication (NVC) methods to help de-escalate the conflict and help everyone reach a peaceful and happy conclusion. The concept of ahimsa extends to every aspect of life here.


The Earth is important to us. We have committed to creating some of the greenest buildings on the planet, but you can help too! Our AI systems measure composting and recycling levels, as well as unnecessary energy and water usage. At Ahimsa, it pays to be green.


Our research shows us that the biggest source of roommate conflict is around cleanliness levels and chore accountability. With our AI, you never have to worry about that again. Our system learns each person’s preferred cleanliness levels and creates weekly chore rotations for everyone. We feel that recognition is the key to helping people stay on top of their chores.

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