New Startup Combines AI and Roommates

With AI, living with people has never been easier — and that's only the beginning. 



01.30.30 7:00 PM

SEATTLE - The Pacific Northwest is about to be home to an ambitious new project from tech innovator Adam Rutledge-Pyke. Coming off the astronomical success of Cirrus (CRRS +2.17%), the artificial intelligence company he co-founded with Justin Chen just four years ago, Rutledge-Pyke has taken aim at a new market: housing.

The CEO and venture capitalist is betting big on the co-living trend. According to numbers they provided to us, in 2007, around 20% of adults lived with roommates. In 2017, that number climbed to over 30%. By 2027, the total population of all American adults living with roommates exceeded 40%. While shared living has long been popular among the 18-34 demographic, the economic depression of the early 2020s prevented a number of millennials, many now approaching fifty, from accruing the wealth necessary to own their own homes.

The United Nations reports that almost 70% of people now live in cities, spurred on largely by the devastating effects of the ongoing global climate disaster. Here in the US, the massive mid-decade crop failures in the Midwest and ravages of the Gulf Hurricanes of 2026 saw a large exodus to urban centers, particularly in the north and west. Even with thousands of Americans emigrating to China, coastal cities have certainly felt the squeeze in recent years, with housing prices skyrocketing.

This is where Rutledge-Pyke’s new venture Ahimsa comes in. They are constructing a 20-story tower in the CEO’s native Seattle as a pilot program. The building will be home to over 200 residents, with each unit having four bedrooms. The company claims their industry-leading artificial intelligence, fueled by Cirrus tech, will revolutionize the roommate experience. The AI will be integrated into every aspect of life, from reminding people to do the dishes, to using facial recognition for building security (entry to every door is rumored to be completely keyless), to learning the social habits of everyone in the building to better “foster community,” according to documents issued by their marketing department. They claim that their technology will be able to track a variety of intangible metrics, such as “cleanliness” and

“social harmony.”

By 2027, the total population of all American adults living with roommates exceeded 40%”


Ahimsa is apparently very serious not just about cutting-edge technology, but also having fun. Per their press release, there will be a variety of activities and social events to choose from, including a running “House Games” series a la Harry Potter’s Hogwarts. Residents will have the opportunity to win cash and prizes, but they will succeed or fail as a team. 

More from the press release:
Our world is facing an epidemic of loneliness and social isolation. Ahimsa is here to change that by making city living safe, enjoyable, and affordable. We’re building one of the smartest and greenest buildings the world has ever seen to create a community unlike any other. Our world-class algorithms will make co-living fun and free of conflict for people of all ages and all walks of life. Our systems will learn your social preferences and shape the world around you accordingly. Join us, and meet your new family.


The press release goes on to note that, while children will be allowed access on a pre-approved basis, Ahimsa does not allow residents under the age of 18. Ahimsa’s Seattle location is slated to open in May of this year.

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